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2020 – 2021 Year-Long Box Tops Collection

From August 31, 2020 through May 14, 2020 you can participate in our Year-Long Box Tops Classroom Challenge! Each week all the Box Tops that are turned in will be counted and tallied for each child and each classroom.  Once a month 6 winners will be pulled at random from all valid Box Tops.


To participate, place your Box Tops in a ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name, their teacher’s name and grade level. Drop off your Box Tops in the School Lobby’s Box Tops box. Please remember that expired Box Tops will not be counted.  Box Tops can also be counted via the Box Top app scanning your receipts and assigned to your student. 


As soon as your child reaches 25 Box Tops collected, their name will be entered in our monthly drawing. Enter as many times as you can, all year long! For every 25 Box Tops turned in, 1 entry to the monthly drawing will be added (25 Box Tops – 1 entry, 75 Box Tops = 3 entries, etc).


Once a month 6 winners will be drawn from all the Box Tops turned in! Winners will be announced on the morning news and will receive a Box Tops Spirit Stick!


Students who turn in 100 or more Box Tops over the course of the collection will receive a special Exclusive Spirit Stick!


**The Classroom that that turns in the most Box Tops from August 31 – May 14 will win a Special Party.**

**The Classroom that has the most students participate in the Box Tops Fundraiser (Summer Challenge and Year Long Collection) will receive a Special Party.**

**The student that turns in the most Box Tops during the Year-Long Collection will receive a Spirit Themed prize and extra Box Tops/Spirit Swag.**


Don’t forget to ask your neighbors, grandparents and friends that don’t attend MPE to help support your goals and school by collecting their Box Tops for you as well!!


All Box Tops must show the entire Box Top, no torn or Box Tops with missing information (dates or codes) will be counted. No expired Box Tops will be counted.

 BoxTops Weekly Drawing

More Opportunities to Earn with Box Tops For Education!!!

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Box Tops For Education also give you chances to win by doing every day things like playing games on the web and shopping! The Box Tops Marketplace allows you to earn box tops for shopping at places you would shop anyways, like Barnes & Noble online! For example, at Barnes & Noble, you can earn 6 Box Tops for every ten dollars you spend! Have a girl who likes to shop at Justice fashion? 5 Box Tops for every ten dollars spent! Do you shop at JC Penney's online? Why not? 3 Box Tops for every ten dollars spent! Click Below!:

  Box Tops Marketplace

 Also, click the link below to join a sweepstakes to earn box tops for our school!

 Box Tops Sweepstakes & Contests